Range of Activities

Field of Specialisation

Protherm Systems are process engineers specialising in the design and manufacture and supply of heat exchangers, thermal equipment and plant. Accordingly the company is able to offer industrial users with optimal solutions for heat exchangers and thermal processes and supply the appropriate equipment.

  • Protherm Systems employs highly qualified chemical and mechanical engineers for process and mechanical design engineering.
  • Protherm Systems also has access to specific related technologies from overseas principal suppliers whom the company represents.
  • Associated disciplines such as structural and civil design, mechanical design electrical & instrumentation engineering, software development are outsourced to experienced professional engineering colleagues.

Materials /Products Supplied

Protherm Systems is a leading supplier of:

  • Heat Exchangers which include:
  • PROTHERM Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • PROTHERM Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, including gas heaters/ coolers/ air blast coolers / condensers.
  • PROTHERM Plate Coil Heaters for in-tank heating & cooling
  • THERMOWAVE Plate Heat Exchangers
  • CALORPLAST Heat Exchangers fabricated in plastic materials for liquid and gas heating & cooling (ex polypropylene, polyethylene and PVDF materials).
  • GIL (Graphite India Limited)  Graphite Heat Exchangers
  • Electrical Process Heaters which include:
  • In-line liquid and gas heaters
  • In tank heaters
  • EEX explosion proof heaters
  • Round element type
  •    Flat element type
  • Ceramic cartridge type
  • Thermal Systems which include:
  • Evaporator Plant: falling film, forced circulation, multi-effect & VCE type
  • Dryer Plant : Spray Dryers, flash dryers, spin flash, vacuum pan  & other dryer types
  • Elution Systems for Gold recovery. Complete pre-assembled systems employing thermal oil heating and heat recovery. Heat input using oil fired systems or electrical heating.  Design and supply of  elution & acid wash columns,
  • Closed circuit water cooling systems e.g. furnace cooling.

WHIMS cooling skids