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 Calorplast Tube Plate Heat Exchangers
 Calorplast Immersion Heat Exchangers
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GIL Graphite Heat Exchanger
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Made entirely from plastic materials for heating or cooling or condensing of chemically aggressive liquids & gases

Materials of Construction

  • PE-RT (polyethylene)
  • PP (polypropylene)
  • PVDF (fluoropolymer)

Temperature Range

-30 °C to +135 °C depending on choice of material and allowable working pressure.

Pressure Range (in the tubes)  

Up to 16 bar(g) depending on choice of material and allowable working temperature.   


Tube Plate (Shell & Tube) Heat Exchangers : For heat transfer between low viscosity fluids. Suitable for clean fluids e.g. inorganic acids and condensation of corrosive vapours.

Cleaning : Chemical cleaning or by counter flushing

Immersion Heat Exchangers: Widely used in metal finishing and electroplating industries and chemical industries for bath attemperation. Heating or cooling of inorganic acids , high purity water (electronics industry), and surface encrusting chemicals.

Cleaning:  Heat exchangers are easily removable and are easily cleaned with pressurised water, steam or chemicals.

Gas-Liquid Heat Exchangers : Gas dehumification and airconditioning , cooling and condesation of corrosive gases. Supplied with demister collectors and in-built cleaning system (optional).

GIL Graphite Heat Exchangers

Suitable for a wide range of chemical heating, cooling and condensing applications. Impervious graphite has a high thermal conductivity and is ideal for use in process plant and equipment being completely resistant to corrosion from all but the strongest oxidising chemicals.

Heat Exchangers can be supplied as pressure vessels in compliance with recognised vessel codes i.e. ASME Vlll Div1.

Operating Conditions

Up to 170 °C with standard phenolic resin impregnating material

Typically 7 bar(g) but higher design pressures possible.

Heat Exchanger Types

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Modular block Exchangers
  • Special impregnating materials and hard coatings available.
  • Fibre reinforced tubes available

Typical Applications

  • Hydrochloric acid manufacture
  • Phosphoric acid evaporators
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Cooling of sulphurous gases.
  • Acid pickling circuits for metals treatment.

Spares and Repairs

Replacement tube bundles and graphite blocks available for all makes of graphite heat exchangers 



  • PROTHERM-O-PANELS are a convenient simple plate type heat exchanger suitable for a wide range of heating and cooling applications. They are easily handled and installed and removed from the process application for quick and efficient cleaning, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • PROTHERM-O-PANELS and heat exchangers are designed to suit individual applications
  • PROTHERM-O-PANELS  Available in various materials e.g. 304L /316L stainless steel, 904L, Hastelloy and titanium (subject to material availability)
  • PROTHERM-O-PANELS usable with steam or liquids as heating or cooling media. Heat transfer using condensing steam, hot water, chilled water, glycol solutions, heat transfer oil, and refrigerants.
  • PROTHERM-O-PANELS excellent for use in stirred vessels and in open tanks for bath attemperation  e.g. electro-plating processes.
  • PROTHERM-O-PANELS available in various styles. Can be installed into tanks using hangers with handles for removal or can be flange mounted for a bolt in installation.  Also available as ‘clamp on’ external heat transfer surface on existing vessels



  • PROTHERM-O-WALL provides the optimum configuration for maximising heat transfer into vessels or tanks compared to other methods such as limpet coil or external jacket, particularly when liquids are used for heat transfer. Provides for enhanced heat transfer particularly for vessel cooling.
  • PROTHERM-O-WALL narrow gap profile is considerably superior to a half pipe section for liquid-liquid heat transfer through a barrier wall, thus maximising the limited area available on the vessel wall for heat transfer.
  • PROTHERM-O-WALL enables the designer to use directed flow and multi-pass  arrangements  to enable optimum fluid velocities for heat transfer.
  • PROTHERM-O-WALL proof tested for operation with steam at 10 bar.      
  • PROTHERM-O-WALL available in stainless steel and alloy materials and also titanium.
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