Dryers & Evaporators

Dual Anhydro Spray Dryers
Mitchell Vacuum Pan Dryers
Protherm Wattle Extract Evaporator
Protherm Citrus Evaporator & Vacuum Flash Cooler
Protherm Malic Acid Evaporator


Protherm Systems has established co-operation and technology agreements with SPX Anhydro and Mitchell Dryers Ltd to supply various specialist industrial dryer systems and are thus able to provide clients with the benefits of the best available dryer technologies and expertise covering a wide range of applications backed by extensive references.

Comprehensive pilot plant and test facilities are available for product testing and process development.    

SPX Anhydro Dryers

  • Anhydro Spray Dryers: Conical, flat bottom & spray bed dryer configurations. Liquid to powder for food and chemicals  
  • Anhydro Fluid Beds : Dryers,instantizers,granulators and Fluid mix systems   
  • Anhydro Spin Flash Dryers  : For difficult to dry filter cakes and paste like materials 

Mitchell Dryers

  • Mitchell Vacuum Pan Dryers: For drying of heat sensitive and high value materials on a batch-wise basis. Extensively used in metallurgical refineries.
  • Mitchell Flash Dryer Systems : For food and chemical applications


Protherm Systems design and manufacture evaporation plant for chemical and food applications.

Evaporator Configurations

  • Falling film evaporators
  • Climbing film evaporators
  • Forced circulation evaporators & crystallisers
  • Plate type evaporators
  • High vacuum product flash coolers

Energy Options

  • Multiple effect
  • Mulitple effect with thermocompressor
  • Mechanical Vapour compression
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